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2020 Australia 15000BPH Water Line

Production Reliability – anytime and anywhere

Project Name: Australia 15000BPH water line

Background: Antaria Pty Ltd is located in Western Australia. Having a wealth of experience in the beverage industry can be traced back several years. Antaria Pty Ltd has become a reliable manufacturer of high-quality beverages with its competitive prices and impeccable service. Through years of updates and innovations, Antaria Pty Ltd has become one of Australia’s largest beverage manufacturers.

At the beginning of 2020, Antaria Pty Ltd decided to add a small bottled water production line. The person in charge of the company, Mr. Glenn, learned about SinoPAK from one friend and contacted our company. Especially due to the impact of the new crown pneumonia, Mr. Glenn was unable to visit the SinoPAK factory, but through the video communication of the SinoPAK team, the specific information of the production line machines was explained in detail. Mr. Glenn believed that SinoPAK would be a good partner.

For example:

  1. How to replace the changed parts, and some attention parts.
  2. Pay attention to the observation details before starting the machine.

Specific feedback issues are given with examples:

The labeling machine is missing the labeling problem, and the problem is finally solved after our timely and effective communication with the customer.

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