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2021 20000BPH Arenel (Pvt) Ltd Buys Carbonated Beverage Production Line

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Project Name: Arenel (Pvt) Ltd buys carbonated beverage production line

Background:In March 2021, Mr. Joshua, the general manager of Arenel (Pvt) Ltd, contacted SinoPAK, and Joshua proposed that they had a demand for carbonated beverage production line equipment.

Joshua first asked SinoPAK to provide him with some machine parts for his original production line. After three months of communication, Arenel (Pvt) Ltd purchased a batch of machine parts for the carbonated beverage production line in June.

Subsequently, Mr. Joshua and the SinoPAK team continued to communicate about the 20,000bph 500ml gas-containing beverage production line project, and engineers from both sides participated in it. In September, Arenel (Pvt) Ltd and SinoPAK signed a contract on the 20,000bph gas-containing beverage production line, and various departments of SinoPAK entered the production line of 20,000bph in an orderly manner. . In December 2021, the production of the equipment is completed and the debugging is qualified, and then the equipment is sent to the customer’s factory. In March, SinoPAK sent engineers to Arenel (Pvt) Ltd to install and debug the equipment. The solid technology and serious working attitude of the engineers made Arenel (Pvt) Ltd give SinoPAK a thumbs up!

During the debugging process, the engineer also gave solutions to some problems:

1.When the engineer first arrived at the customer’s factory, he found that there was a height difference of 60cm on the ground of the customer’s production workshop, which the customer had never mentioned before. Based on this situation, the engineer decided to make reasonable adjustments to the height and layout of the wind conveyor.

2.When the engineers were debugging the blow molding machine, they found that the quality of the preforms used by the customer was not very good. The preforms were produced with recycled materials. Different parts are heated unevenly. In response to this problem, the engineer set different heating temperatures during the commissioning process to conduct multiple heating tests and records, and finally the blow molding machine reached the stable output required by the customer.

3.During the debugging process of the filling machine, after communicating with the customer, the customer proposed to increase the liquid level, and the engineer adjusted the length of the return air pipe of the filling machine to achieve the liquid level line position required by the customer.

4.Because the customer’s production workshop area is limited, from the initial communication, the customer emphasized that there is no need for a bottle warmer. The filling of gas-containing beverages is low-temperature filling. The temperature of the bottled beverage after filling is around 8-10 degrees. If there is no bottle warmer to adjust the bottled beverage to normal temperature, the bottle body of the low-temperature bottled beverage will be affected by the cold and heat of normal temperature. Water droplets appear, in this case, it will affect the subsequent labeling, so that the labeling can not achieve the desired effect. The engineer has debugged the sleeve labeling machine several times on site, and asked the customer to modify the size of the label, so as to finally improve the labeling Effect.

5.During the installation and commissioning process, the engineer also conducts some training for the workers in the production workshop.


In December of the same year, Arenel (Pvt) Ltd ordered SinoPAK 12000BPH water production line and 6000BPH milk filling aluminum foil capping machine again.

1.When the engineer installed and debugged the water production line, the main problem was the quality of the customer’s preforms. After several attempts by the engineer to adjust different temperatures, the blow molding machine finally entered the best production state.

2.Regarding waterline transportation, we provide customers with an improved new type of transportation. The inverter uses Danfoss. There are many feedbacks from customers that the new type of transportation is more stable, and there is no bottle blocking or falling.

3.Regarding the milk filling aluminum foil capping machine, the engineer communicated with the customer about the main aluminum foil material selection issues during commissioning, and gave reasonable suggestions for the aluminum foil structure and material. After obtaining the right aluminum foil, the milk filling aluminum foil capping machine quickly entered into stable production.

In the part of aluminum foil sealing and lid making, we have upgraded these two parts compared with the original equipment of the customer, so that the aluminum foil can be produced more smoothly and with more certificates.

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