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2022 Zimbabwe 6000BPH Milk Filling Aluminum Foil Sealing filling line

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Project Name:Milk Filling Aluminum Foil Sealing Case

Background:After many cooperations between Arenel (Pvt) Ltd and SinoPAK TEC, Arenel (Pvt) Ltd affirmed the stable quality of SinoPAK TEC machines! In August 2022 Arenel (Pvt) Ltd ordered another 6000bph milk filling aluminum foil sealing machine.

In October 2022, SinoPAK TEC engineers arrived at Arenel (Pvt) Ltd factory to install and debug the machine.

During the debugging process, the engineer also gave solutions to some problems:

1.During commissioning, the engineer communicates with the customer about the selection of the main aluminum foil material, and gives reasonable suggestions for the structure and material of the aluminum foil. After obtaining the right aluminum foil, the milk filling aluminum foil capping machine quickly entered into stable production.

2.In the aluminum foil sealing and lid making parts, we have upgraded these two parts compared with the customer’s original equipment, so that the aluminum foil can be produced more smoothly and with more certificates.

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