SinoPAK Customer Case |12000bph Mineral Water Filling Line

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After two previous cooperations between Arenel (Pvt) Ltd and SinoPAK, Arenel (Pvt) Ltd has absolute trust in SinoPAK. Arenel (Pvt) Ltd once again asked SinoPAK to help rectify the original 12000bph water production line. Arenel (Pvt) Ltd's original 12000bph production line machine speed can only reach 8000bph, and the blow molding machine is no longer running, the original manufacturer's service is not in place, resulting in the 12000bph production line has been unable to smoothly and stably produce. SinoPAK reorganized the layout of Arenel (Pvt) Ltd's 12000bph water production line, replaced the blow molding machine and blow molding machine with stable output, and added buffer conveying to ensure stable production of 12000bph with high quality.

The cooperation between the two companies has been a complete success and we will continue to cooperate in the future. 


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