Stainless Steel Connection Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Machine

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Product Description

 The membrane element is reverse osmosis, which can withstand the disinfection CIP treatment. The outer shell is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic and stainless steel. The inner wall and the used pipes are polished and passivated without dead angle and dead water area to prevent the growth of microorganisms. The valve table, seal ring and all pipelines are all equipped with German automatic welding equipment without wires. The automatic welding level reaches the design standards of hygienic level and water hammer resistance specified by FDA, and the pure water recovery rate reaches more than 80%.

  The reverse osmosis device is an equipment to purify the pipeline water with the action of pressure difference of semi permanent memory. Water pump core of the equipment is imported, and the seep film is imported from having Co. in American. It is equipped with a full set of clean unit. It has features of simple structure, conservative operation. And high technical level. The quality of the processed water can meet the standard of national driving water.


Reverse osmosis membrane
Aromatic polyamide composite
Single branch average salt rejection rate
Single theoretical water production 
Stainless steel 304
First stage reverse osmosis unit frame
Dow Company
Inlet check valve 
Stainless steel 304 (DN65)
Inlet ball valve
Stainless steel 304 (DN65)
Inlet pipe 
Stainless steel 304 (DN65)
Outlet pipe 
Stainless steel 304 (DN50)
Water production flowmeter
20m3 stainless steel rotor pipe form
Concentrated water flow meter
10m3 stainless steel rotor pipe form
Accessories name 
5 film shell

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