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2019 After Sales Of Pakistan Beer Spray Sterilizer

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Project Name: After sales of Russian beer spray sterilizer

Background:Since the Russian beer spray sterilizer was sent to the customer’s factory, the customer raised the following questions, and our company responded positively and quickly and effectively solved them.

Answer: This port is for the customer to install a pump to pump the water in the storage tank to the cooling tower. The water tank has a high and low liquid level sensing device, the high liquid level pump starts, and the low liquid level pump stops. Because the cooling tower distance of each customer is different, the pump is generally configured by the customer according to their own site conditions.

Answer: There are high and low liquid level floats in the water tank. The liquid level of the water tank is sensed by the float ball. When the liquid level is high, the pump starts to pump water to the cooling tower, and the pump stops when the liquid level is low.

Answer: All three tanks are connected, so they act like connected containers. Regarding how to connect our own new pump to those floating balls, we prepared the machine circuit diagram and explained it to the customer, combined with the actual machine diagram, the customer understood.

Answer: The water inlet valve is on the left, and the drain valve is on the right, and help customers understand the purpose and name of various pipes and valves according to the pictures left when building the machine.

Answer: The water in the water tank is at normal temperature. When the liquid level of the water tank is high, all the pneumatic valves for liquid inlet will be closed, and the water tank that needs to be heated will be heated. The temperature can be set, and the machine will start to operate after heating to the set temperature. There is no drain temperature. If the water is dirty, it can be drained.

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