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Product Service

– Pre-sales: What kind of consulting service do you provide?
– In-sales: packaging bottle design.
– After-sales: online technical consultation, installation, etc..


Ask the salesperson. If you have any questions or want to know information, you can directly ask the salesperson. The salesperson and the company apply for technical assistance, communicate and solve the customer’s problems within 24 hours

At the same time, video calls are provided to see the factory, or invitations are provided to invite customers to the factory for inspection, and inspection companies entrusted by customers are also accepted for inspection.


After confirming the customer’s purchase intention and demand, if the customer needs, we can provide bottle sample design and label design, and make suggestions on bottle embryo weight for the customer to choose.

For customers with factories, customers provide factory drawings, and we can design production line layout according to the factory buildings.

For customers with water quality reports, we can help them analyze the water quality reports for free, and design the water treatment system in a targeted way to best fit the actual production situation of customers.

If necessary, the customer can send someone to the company to learn relevant maintenance, operation and nursing knowledge. We will be responsible for teaching and training


After signing the contract with the customer and delivering the final payment, we provide free technical personnel to guide the installation of the phenomenon

During the installation process, the technician will inform the user of the precautions and how to solve the common problems

After installation, the machine operates normally for 24 hours, and the technicians guide the whole process operation

Solve customer problems

Set up a small after-sales service team, and the service personnel shall respond within 2 hours after receiving the fault notice. Promise will provide preferential policies for long-term supply of spare parts in the future

Within the design life cycle of materials and equipment, we are fully responsible for the materials and equipment supplied

Video guidance troubleshooting

When the customer encounters a problem, we will make a video call within one hour to determine the problem, and provide video guidance to the customer according to the existing equipment of our factory to assist the customer in solving the problem.

The engineer went to the site to solve the problem

When the video can not solve the problem, we will immediately organize engineer to go to the scene to solve the problem. And prepare the parts within the time of visa application. The parts will be transported abroad and arrive at the same time with the engineer. The problem will be solved within one week.

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