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Juice Hot Filling Line

Hot filling includes 100% pure fruit juice, tea, energy drinks and granules, How to choose the right production line? “Details determine success or failure”,  SinoPAK has been quality-oriented since its establishment.

No matter what type of beverage you produce, our expertise, technology, and service, we have made major breakthroughs in maintaining the durability of packaging bottles and the stability of the production line. At present, we have solved more than 200 cases of heat  installation in the world, including Spain, Panama, Yemen and other countries and regions.


Fruit Juice Hot Filling Line Drawing

Why Choose Us

Customized By Your Thoughts

We have 10 years of experience in production design for the customer solve the problem of PET water production line, we can help you with the most advanced technology, with the lowest cost to achieve production goal, our company regards quality as enterprise life, and this concept through to production of each link, to provide customers with excellent equipment is the goal of our efforts.

Processing System

Used for pure water, mineral water and other bottled water, water for food and beverage production.

It is mainly composed of the following equipment water-treatment system (water tank, multi-medium filter, active carbon filter, ionexchanger, millipore filter), membrane separation system (ultra filter, nanometer filter, RO system), electrodialysis device, sterilization system (UV device, ozone device), product water tank and so on.



The CIP cleaning system uses high temperature and high concentration cleaning liquid to exert a strong effect on the equipment and devices to clean the contact surface with the beverage.

Juice Homogenizer

Function: to homogenize and emulsification the juice and the flavor, syrup together, make them in good taste.

Mixing suger tank

Sus303 is used for all tank bodies, the thickness of steel plate reaches 6mm, automatic liquid level control system is installed, intelligent control proportion is accurate, liquid level control flow control temperature control is included. It is suitable for CIP cleaning system without dead angle.

Fruit Juice Filling Machine

Automatic or Semi Automatic PET Blow Moulding Machine With Capacity 100-12000BPH.

Post-filling Processing Part

It’s mainly used in sterilizing PET bottle mouth and inside of caps,In which haven’t been disinfected by the themal tea,Fruit juice which having been filling in PET bottle.

The machine is fully made of SUS304 stainless steel,more convenient in operation.

Productivity.5000-36000bottle/hour,sterilizing time 15-40 seconds.

The machine can reduce the temperature hot filling drinks to 36℃-40℃,or increase temperature of cold filling carbonic acid drink to 36℃-40℃,It’s used in PE bottles hot tea drinks and carbonic acid drink hot filling production line,productivity 5000-36000 bottle/hour,spray time :15-20minute

Conveyor System

Conveyor System


Air Conveyo


Sleeve Shrink Labeling Machine

It also employs internationally advanced technology of the same kind ,It applies to food & beverage industries as fruit juice ,tea drink ,dairy products pure water condiment,beer and sport drink and all kinds of other bottles type.

Full Automatic Hot Shrinking Packaging Machine

Specially design and manufactured for the packing requirements of drink (pure water ,beverage,fruit juice,and milk product)

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