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2022 Venezuela 16000BPH juice filling production line

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Project Name: Venezuela 16000BPH juice filling production line

Background: On October 17, 2022, Venezuela customers purchased the juice filling production line of our factory. 16000BPH 4-in-1 fruit juice filling machine.

Finally with the efforts of our engineer team, we determined the solution, and improved the vacuumizing, filling, capping and other links without affecting the quality of beer production.

Customer use issues:

The filling quantity of fruit grain is not stable.And always have clogging problem.

For example:

There are some errors in the understanding of the viscosity of fruit juice and the size and diameter of fruit granules, which results in the plug filling valve being blocked, and the change of viscosity under the influence of temperature leads to the instability filling speed of the fruit granules. We immediately started to make new filling valves, and sent engineers to Germany to replace the valve, quickly solved this problem.

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