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Qinqinshanshui 15000BPH drinking water filling line project case

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Project Name:Qinqinshanshui 15000BPH drinking water filling line project case

1. Project Background

1. Project Overview

In April 2023, Qinqin Shanshui contacted our company. Through communication and understanding with the customer, we found that the customer itself is a large drinking water production enterprise, which has been committed to providing high-quality drinking water for many years. With the increase in market demand, the customer hopes to introduce a new 15000BPH drinking water filling line to increase production capacity, ensure product quality, reduce production costs, and further enhance market competitiveness.

1.2 Project objectives

Establish an efficient and automated 15000BPH drinking water filling line

Ensure that the produced drinking water meets national food safety standards

Achieve a steady increase in annual output to meet market demand

Enhance brand image and enhance market competitiveness

1.3 Reasons why customers choose us

Through communication with customers, we understand customer needs, and invite customer representatives to visit our machine production workshop, and introduce our processes and advantages to customers in detail. Afterwards, we took the customer to visit a client we had worked with before, a 20,000BPH bottled water workshop that had been successfully put into operation, and conducted an on-site inspection of its operation and production capacity benefits. In the final quotation and negotiation with the customer, we successfully reached a cooperation with the customer with our price advantage and the company’s comprehensive strength.

2. Project Implementation

2.1 Equipment Selection

Choosing suitable production line equipment is the key to ensuring production efficiency and product quality. Considering production needs, this project selected the following main equipment:

Water treatment system: including multi-stage filtration, reverse osmosis (RO) system, etc., to ensure pure water quality.

Blow molding machine: efficient, convenient, stable and latest technology variable intercept blow molding machine.

Filling system: High-speed automatic filling machine is used, and the filling speed can reach 15,000 bottles/hour.

Label attaching machine: fully automatic rotary hot melt adhesive labeling machine, improves label attaching efficiency and accuracy.

Packaging machine: L-type film packaging machine, used to pack the filled bottles.

2.2 Process flow

Raw water treatment: Raw water is filtered, softened, RO reverse osmosis and other multi-stage treatments to ensure that the water quality meets the drinking standards.

Blowing: Efficient, convenient and stable, the latest technology variable interception blow molding machine, select the bottle embryo to make the corresponding bottle and enter the canning system through the air delivery pipeline.

Water distribution and filling: The treated water is properly prepared and sent to the three-in-one high-speed 32-head filling machine for filling.

Label attachment: The sealed bottle enters the fully automatic rotary hot melt glue labeling machine for automatic labeling.

Packaging: The labeled bottles are sent to the L-type film wrapping machine for group packaging.

3 Project implementation

3.1 Project design and planning

Our company’s professional team conducts on-site surveys and formulates detailed equipment layout, pipeline design and electrical control system design based on customer needs.

3.2 Equipment production and commissioning

High-quality production equipment and passes strict quality inspections.

After the equipment arrives at the factory, our company’s technicians will install and debug it to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

Employee training and technical support

Detailed equipment operation and maintenance training for customer operators.

Provide 24/7 technical support to ensure long-term and efficient operation of the equipment.

3.3 Operation and control

Automation control system: The entire production line is centrally controlled by PLC (programmable logic controller) to achieve automated production.

Quality monitoring: Online water quality monitoring system and filling process monitoring to ensure that each step of the production process meets quality standards.

4. Problems encountered during project commissioning and solutions

4.1 Cap drop

Solution: Adjust the position of the capping machine to grab the cap

4.2 The air duct is not smooth to enter the bottle

Solution: Adjust the air duct guardrail and adjust the blowing angle

4.3 The liquid level in the bottle is low

Solution: Add valve adjustment pads and adjust the height of the liquid cylinder

5 Customer feedback

The customer is very satisfied with the equipment performance and our company’s service, and said that he will continue to maintain a long-term cooperative relationship with our company. The implementation of the 15000BPH drinking water filling line project not only significantly improved the company’s production capacity and product quality, but also won more advantages for the company in market competition. In the future, the company will continue to focus on technological innovation and production optimization, and continuously improve its core competitiveness.

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