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Frequently Asked Questions About Water Filling Line

The production line of purified bottled water is done using an automatic water filling machine from raw water. This water is later transformed to well treated water that conforms with the standard of the society using treatments equipment. After which, the treated water is automatically bottled for consumption.

Recently, different machine had been used in the production of bottled water filling line, and bottled water filling machine is the most commonly used machine in the production line.

Investing such a huge amount of money in a water filling line is usually a commitment many people consider very tasking and they do all they can to ensure that they have 99% assurance about the business they’re investing on.

That’s why; some investors go the extra mile to ask a few questions that seeks to give them a clearer understanding of what they are investing in.

With this, we can say that such questions are usually worth it, as it tends to shed more light as to what they are investing on.

water filling machine

· How do you maintain water filling line?

So, to maintain the water filling line, the bottled water filling machine should be properly cleaned and movable parts greased . The water filling machine operates with the pressure valve, dosing meter pump and capping equipment. All these machine equipment must be assembled well and maintained to ensure proper functioning of the machine.

The equipment used for the process of water production must be cleaned on a daily basis, the pressure valve must be double checked and capping rotator should be lubricated daily before use.

If possible, the machine should always start manually so you would ascertain that all the part are working perfectly.

· How much water is used to produce a liter of bottled drinking water?

The standard liter used to produce a liter of bottled water is estimated 1.39liters according to the International Bottled Water Association.

· Is it permitted to fill soft drinks bottles in the same premises as water filling line?

No! It’s not hygienic to place the filling machine in the same premises, it should be divided because the soft drinks and water contains different ingredients and the water produce must be clean, during the course of production they might be a slight spillage of soft drinks ingredients inside the water which will contaminate it.

· What are the space requirements for setting up a water filling line?

Generally, there are four basic sections in the water filling line which is the treatment lab, bottling lab, quality control laboratory and Logistics department.

So, for standard water filling line you will be need a space of Total space of 5000 Sq.Ft covered with 3000 Sq.ft area and 65HP power Usage.


water filling machine

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