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Role and Factors Affecting the Solubility of CO2 in Water Using Carbonated Drink Mixer

Under specific circumstances, carbonated drinks are products that are saturated with carbon dioxide.

Except for beverages that release carbon dioxide gas during fermentation, the CO2 gas content (at 20 degrees Celsius) in the completed product is needed to attain a certain volume multiple.

Different brands necessitate various CO2 volume multiples and to achieve a thorough mixture, a carbonated drink mixer machine is employed.

However, to get a quality and durable type, there is a need to partner with a reputable and reliable carbonated drink mixer manufacturer.

Role of Carbon dioxide in Drinks

1. Carbonic acid decomposition has a cooling effect because it is an endothermic process. When carbon dioxide is expelled from the body, it attracts tropical bodies and serves as a cooling agent.

2. Prevent microorganism growth and improve the shelf life of soda water: It is widely accepted that 3.5 to 4 times the gas volume is a safe zone for soft drinks.

3. Emphasizes the aroma

4. Have a relaxed break feel: carbon dioxide as well as the beverage's gas component give it a unique flavor.

carbonated drink mixer

Factors affecting the solubility of CO2 in water

The following are some important factors that may affect the rate of CO2 solubility in water when added using a carbonated drink mixer; 

1. CO2 gas partial pressure

The temperature remains constant, but the partial pressure of CO2 rises and the dissolution rate of CO2 in the water rise.

At pressures less than 5 kg/cm2, the solubility-pressure curve resembles a straight line, i.e. it obeys Henry's law. Table S=Pi=P+1

2. Water temperature

When the pressure stays low or remains the same the water temperature drops and the solubility of CO2 in water increases. S=HPi (table: temperature ↓, H↑)

Because H is additionally a function of pressure, H = α-βPi, the exact solubility will veer away whenever the pressure is high.

3. Contact area and time of gas and liquid

The gas dissolves in the liquid and does not complete itself instantly. A dynamically balanced surrounding takes time to develop. The number of cushion containers could be elevated to prolong the period of gas-liquid interaction. The solution can be sprinkled into droplets or films.

4. Air content in the gas-liquid system

According to Dalton's and Henry's Laws, the quantity of dissolution of different gases varies based on the rate of dissolution solubility of each gas and also on the partial pressure the gas experiences in the mixture of gases.

In Need of a High-Quality Carbonated Drink Mixer 

Haven't seen the principle involved in the mixing of carbonated drinks and/or gas beverages, we recognize the importance of locating an efficient and long-lasting carbonated drink mixer.

To accomplish this, a partnership with a reputable and trustworthy carbonated drink mixer manufacturer is required.

Where can you find the most capable hands? Jiangsu SinoPAK Machinery Co., Ltd guarantees that you will not only receive your preferred quality carbonated drink mixer but will also go out of its way to provide the best service possible. 

They have grade-A facilities and a staff of high-tech specialists. Kindly click here to see our product collections or to place your order. 

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