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Types of Bottle Unscramblers You Should Know

If you own an Industry such as beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, or cosmetic which produces bottled Products, then you need to know much about Bottle Unscramblers.

To make use of empty bottles as containers for your Products, it is important to restore the shape and dimensions of the bottles to an ordered state by unscrambling them.

Bottle Unscramblers are therefore important machines that provide a Solution to packaging Industries, ensuring that the bottles that contain the products are in their best states that will satisfy the desire of the workers

They are automatically set and very effective in unscrambling mostly polyester plastics at very high speed.

They can be used for a variety of bottle and container designs and materials depending on your choice, utilized in the pharmaceutical, health-care, and food industries, among several other industries, and also operated with just one switch and one frequency knob, making it extremely convenient.

However, before deciding to purchase bottle Unscramblers for your Industry, you should know the various types of Bottle Unscramblers available and then choose the one that best suits your operation.

In this article, we will walk you through the general types of Bottle Unscrambler available to ensure that you make a wise decision while Choosing.

  Bottle Unscrambler

Types of Bottle Unscramblers

1. Linear unscramblers

These Unscramblers are made with stainless steel. They are equipped with a 1000 li hopper which enhances their strength. They are used for small and medium-sized empty bottles.

Linear Unscramblers offer the advantage of being able to change the format of both small and medium-sized bottles rapidly without causing any physical damage to the bottle.

Linear Unscramblers also conserve energy, since they do not use compressed air while restoring the shapes and dimensions of the bottles.


2. Rotary Unscramblers

Rotary Unscramblers are the most demanded type of bottle Unscramblers for empty bottles due to their efficiency.

They are designed to handle medium to high Production processes of up to 18,500 BPH. The rotation of the rotary positioner unscrambles the bottles placed in it,

thereby restoring their shapes and dimensions.

Rotary Unscramblers can be used to restore oval, rectangular or cylindrical bottles. Their energy efficiency is also high because they do not make use of compressed air to carry out the unscrambling process.


3. Monobloc unscrambler and rinser

This is a compact unscrambler that performs two essential operations at the same time. It contains not only a rotary Unscrambler but also a bottle rinser in just a single system.

The monobloc unscrambling Machine, therefore, meets the needs of many packaging Industries by ensuring that the empty bottles are restored in terms of shapes and dimensions as well as cleaned and free from dirt.

 Bottle Unscrambler

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