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Blowing-filling-capping Combiblock

We are one of the leading Chinese able to manufacture High technology blowing-filling-capping machine in beverage business used in drinking water, juice, carbonated drinks area. This combiblock consists of blowing unit, filling unit, and capping unit. With the synthetic application of electricity, mechanics, and pneumatics, and synchro controlled by servo system, Combi is applicable for the integrated control of several equipment and the whole production process.


Detailed Images

Machine Parameters

Main features : 

1)   Special designed secondary blowing system monitors in time pressure curve of bottle stretch process in each cavity to provide accurate and timely parameters for technical adjustment, which is more convenient for operators to adjust technical parameters.

2)   Adopt manipulator transfer technology that cam mechanism has precise control. Catch and send preforms at high speed and the quality is reliable. Taking preform, sending preform, taking bottle and sending bottle match action of opening and closing mould to ensure that the movement process is exact and high efficient. Taking preform, sending preform, taking bottle and ranking bottle are finished automatically by manipulator, avoiding middle pollution.

3)   The cam mechanism controls exactly opening and closing of mould frame. Special mould locking and pressurizing system and simple and firm mould frame structure can control independently the blowing parameters of each cavity. Good malfunction diagnosis function and special blowing structure ensure the sealing reliability under various pressure. The blowing pressure can be adjusted.

4)  Stretch rod control exactly preform’s axial stretch. The first blow and second blow control preform’s vertical stretch. By precise adjustment of the first and second blow, the ideal distribution of bottle wall thickness can be achieved.

5)  Break conventional design and adopt structure of coaxial rotary bushing with small cubage and light weight. Adopt two deep groove ball bearings to fix two ends to make outside sleeve and core axes concentric, to ensure that the rotary sealing ring is not easy to be damaged. At the same time, increase one water back channel to make the leakage water in Gore circle flows back along pipe, ensuring that the water distributor won’t have leakage.

NO. Model  Capacity  Remark
1 8-24-8 12000bph 500ml
2 12-32-10 18000bph  500ml
3 16-40-15 24000bph  500ml
4 20-60-18 36000bph  500ml

Production Lines Flow Chart

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Why Choose US

  1. We are the direct manufacturer, we have been engaged in development and manufacturing of beverages and liquid food filling machines for more than 10 years, our plant area of 4000m2, with independent property rights.
  2. We have a professional team for exporting, we can supply stable quality faster delivery and clearly communications.
  3. We can make custom manufacturing, our technical team can design different size and products to meet your special requirements.
  4. Without getting customer’s approve, we will not ship the equipment hastily, every equipment will be tested continuously 24 hours before loading, we will control every step strictly in the process of manufacture.
  5. All of our equipment will have 12 months guarantee, and we will supply techinical servie all equipment life.
  6. We will supply the spare parts fast and with cost price.

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