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Suqian Miaokeyan 8,000 bottles per hour soy milk project

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Project Name:Suqian Miaokeyan 8,000 bottles per hour soy milk project

1. Project Background

Customer Information: This project is for Suqian Miaokeyan Factory to build a soy milk filling production line with a capacity of 8,000 bottles per hour (BPH) to meet the market’s growing demand for healthy soy beverages. This production line will use advanced filling technology and equipment to ensure product quality and production efficiency.

1.1 Project Time: Project Supervision in July 2023-Smooth Production in February 2024

1.2 Project Objectives

Build an 8,000 BPH soy milk filling production line

Ensure that products meet national food safety standards

Improve production efficiency and reduce production costs

Meet market demand and enhance corporate competitiveness

1.3 Reasons why Miaokeyan Factory chose SINOPAK:

We SINOPAK have rich experience in hot filling. With the understanding of the process and various details of Miaokeyan soy milk products, we can ensure that under strict pasteurization, the taste and flavor of soy milk will not change much.

SINOPAK has a professional sales team that can clearly confirm customer needs.

SINOPAK has a professional technical team that can make detailed and accurate plans and implement them according to customer needs.

2. Project Design

2.1 Production Line Layout

The production line design will include the following main parts:

Raw material preparation area: receiving, storing and pre-processing soy milk raw materials.

Sterilization area: pasteurization of soy milk raw materials to ensure food safety.

Filling area: filling of soy milk, including bottle washing, filling, capping and labeling.

Packaging area: inspection, boxing and palletizing of soy milk bottles after filling.

Warehousing area: storage and delivery of finished products.

2.2 Equipment selection

The main equipment selection is as follows:

Pasteurizer: used for sterilization of soy milk.

Filling machine: high-speed filling equipment to meet the production needs of 8000BPH.

Washing machine: automatic bottle washing equipment.

Capping machine: high-speed automatic capping equipment.

Labeling machine: automatic labeling machine to ensure accurate labeling.

Testing equipment: including fully automatic quality inspection machine to ensure product quality.

Packaging equipment: automatic box packing machine and palletizing machine to improve packaging efficiency.

3. Project Implementation Plan

3.1 Project Schedule

The project plan is divided into the following stages:

Preliminary preparation: market research, feasibility analysis, scheme design (1 month)

Equipment procurement: equipment selection and ordering (2 months)

Installation and commissioning: equipment arrival, installation and commissioning (3 months)

Trial production: trial production, adjustment of production line (1 month)

Formal production: formally put into production operation (continuous)

3.2 Resource allocation

Human resources: project manager, engineer, operator, quality inspector, etc.

Fund resources: equipment procurement, installation, commissioning and operating funds

Technical support: SINOPAK provides technical support

4. Problems encountered during debugging

4.1 Bottle inversion problem

Solution: adjust the guardrail and adjust the conveying motor speed

4.2 Leakage problem

Solution: need to adjust the photoelectric and wire cover channel

4.3 Uneven liquid level in the bottle

Solution: adjust the vacuum pressure and adjust the length of the return air pipe

5. Problems encountered during use

Customers are in use. The filling machine suddenly failed to start. I called our engineer and asked him to guide me to investigate. We found that it was because there was no lubricating oil. After the lubricating oil was added, it could be used normally. The lubricating oil needs to be replaced regularly.

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