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Choose the best filler for your production line

The liquid filling machines are an indispensable within the beverage, food and pharmaceutical industries. They are vital tools for making production lines more efficient.

However, when it comes to the filling of liquids, there are several types of fillers. They are categorized based on the way in which they process the product and control its dosage.

The most common systems can be divided into several categories according to their structure, their method of operation or filling process, the nature of the product to be packaged.

Perhaps, the most decisive point when choosing a liquid filling machine is the type of product that you want to obtain. Therefore certain factors must be considered in choosing the best filler.

Factors for choosing a liquid filling machine

One of the most important tips for choosing a filler is the packaging process. Therefore factors to be considered here include;

Container shape

In a linear packaging machine, it is easier to fill in any container because the width and height adjustments are more flexible than in a rotary one that has to manufacture specific stars for each type of container. When the container is not round, it can create complications during the filling process.

Container neck size

Many times it is the market that sets a style or fashion, but as far as possible it is advisable that the mouth is as wide as possible. This is because a wider neck will make the entire packaging process much faster and thus achieve greater production.

Elements included in the container

It is possible that during handling or processing, the bottle or container may be displaced from the center. When choosing a liquid filling machine, you also need to consider an equipment that ensures that the bottle remains in position and moves in the required direction throughout the packaging process.

Kind of product

Another element to take into account when choosing a packaging machine is the type of product. Liquids vary to certain degrees in their physical and even chemical properties. Hence, this point is divided into several categories:

· Liquid food products generally referring to products whose final state is in liquid form

· Products with greater or lesser density referring to the weight of the liquid product

· Corrosive products with the tendency to react with the equipment

· Deflagrating products

· Foaming products such as beer products with the tendency to lather during the packaging process

water filling machine

Liquid product filling ways

There are several ways to fill various liquid products. These include the following:

By gravity

This is one of the most traditional means, since it does not require the help of any external elements for filling to take place.

By pump

In this mode of action we find an external aid that forces the passage of the product, this method is used for dense products mainly.

Flow measurement

We use this type of filling when you want to achieve great precision when it comes to packaging

The next time you think of purchasing the best liquid filling machine for your business, you need to consider these factors. 

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