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Competition for market share of packaged drinking water is fierce

The demand for drinking water is rigid, and the potential market for packaged drinking water in my country is large. In recent years, the packaged drinking water industry has developed rapidly, and the proportion of packaged drinking water in total beverage output has continued to expand.



As people pay more and more attention to the quality and safety of drinking water, ensuring the quality and safety of packaged drinking water is still an important "focus" of enterprise competition.



As we all know, packaged drinking water mainly refers to drinking water packaged in bottles (barrels) for sale, such as common bottled water and barreled water. At present, the packaging water industry is one of the sub-sectors with a very large revenue scale in my country's soft drink industry, accounting for more than 20% of my country's soft drink industry revenue, and the market size is also expanding year by year. Relevant data show that the market size of my country's packaged drinking water industry in 2018 was about 1,397, and the market size in 2019 was about 2017 billion. It is expected that the market size will continue to expand in the future.



There are various types of packaged drinking water in my country, which are classified according to the source of drinking water, including pure drinking water, natural water, natural mineral water and other drinking water. At present, purified water is a very large category of packaged drinking water on the market.



With the continuous improvement of people's healthy diet and consumption power, natural water and natural mineral water have grown rapidly in the category of packaged drinking water in recent years.



Nowadays, the growth of China's bottled water market is slowing down, the number of competitors is increasing, the competitiveness is almost equal, the market share is fiercely contested, and the rookies in the bottled water field continue to rise.



So, how can bottled water companies strengthen their competitiveness and survive the fierce market competition? Among them, companies need to rely on product differentiation to highlight their encirclement, and at the same time, they must cater to the market for healthy and safe drinking water consumption and continuously improve the quality and safety of packaged drinking water.

 water filling line


With the improvement of people's material and cultural living standards and the strengthening of healthy eating awareness, consumers' awareness and pursuit of the safety and health of drinking water are constantly improving. The quality and safety of drinking water has become an issue of great concern to the industry. Especially in recent years, packaged drinking water such as bottled water and bottled water has entered households. The quality and safety of drinking water involves thousands of households and has become a public safety issue.



It is understood that some companies with bottled drinking water have inadequate implementation of the main responsibilities, inadequate control of production processes, etc., and there is a problem of unqualified "Pseudomonas aeruginosa" inspection items. The specific reasons are mostly that the raw water body is infected and the production In the process, the sanitary control is not strict, the sterilization is not thorough, and the cleaning and disinfection of the packaging materials are defective. In this regard, drinking water filling machine manufacturers can use a combination of disinfectant, ultraviolet disinfection, and ozone disinfection technology to disinfect and sterilize raw water to ensure thorough sterilization.



In addition, it is necessary to ensure that the drinking water production line operates in a sterile environment, and to ensure that the filling machine and other processing equipment and utensils are clean and hygienic. In addition, it is necessary to strengthen the cleaning and disinfection process of drinking water packaging materials (such as bottles, barrels), and use advanced bottle washing equipment such as ultrasonic bottle washing machines to avoid damage to drinking water packaging materials such as bottles and barrels, and to combine cleaning agents to achieve The purpose of fully and thorough cleaning of objects is to meet the requirements for the quality and safety of packaged drinking water.



In recent years, as consumers pay more and more attention to drinking water quality and safety issues, and packaged drinking water has obvious advantages in health and safety, the capacity of the packaged drinking water industry may continue to increase in the future. Of course, packaging drinking water companies should grasp the trend of healthy and safe consumption, and continuously improve the quality and safety of packaged drinking water, so that people can drink water with confidence and ensure "safety on the tip of the tongue."


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