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How Juice Hot Filling Line Works

You have been hearing of the hot filling process, what can you say about it? well, the hot filling is a process of choice for different beverages and juices. Why? It eliminates the requirement of chemicals and preservatives during the production process.

Hot filling is the process of sterilizing a product and the container to ensure product safety and prolong the shelf life of the product. The process maintains the nutritional properties of the juice. It also kills harmful bacteria and prevents contamination of the products.

Consumers are more aware of the harmful effects of using preservatives to store juice. Investing in a quality juice hot filling line from a reputable manufacturer is a nice way to provide excellent services to your customers.


Application of Hot filling

Generally, the hot filling process is suitable for:

· Vegetable juices

· Fruits juices

· Flavored water

· Sports drinks with a pH level of less than 4.5

· Marinades

· Isotonic drinks

· Soups

· Nectars

· Spreads

juice hot filling machine

How to juice hot filling line Works

The working principle behind this line is simple. A liquid is subjected to a high temperature of about 190 degrees Fahrenheit to remove microorganisms or harmful bacteria that may present in the product.

The product is transferred to a bottle and the mouth capped. The bottle is tilted on one side or turned upside down to sterilize the cap. Both the product and the bottle are quickly cooled.

The cooling process is to facilitate the preservation of the nutritional properties and taste of the product. It also prevents bacterial growth by creating a vacuum inside the bottle.

The bottle is dried and labeled appropriately. The process requires careful attention because any little change in temperature at the wrong time can result in improper sterilization of the product.


Why Hot-Filling Line Necessary?

There are numerous benefits to using a juice hot filling line in your company. Some of the benefits are:

1. Elimination Of Preservatives

The hot filling process eliminates the use of preservatives to store juices and beverages. Many customers do not like juices with preservatives due to the potential harmful effects. Juices that are produced using a hot filling process are a better alternative for them.

2. Extension of Shelf Life

Using a hot filling process extends the shelf life of beverages and juices without changing their taste. Moreover, the nutritional properties of the product remain intact.

3. Consumer Trust

Using this process to produce and store your juices and beverages consistently attracts consumers' trust in your product. It also increases the number of people that patronize the product. This is because many people prefer juice without preservatives.


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