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Method for delaying service life of beverage filling machine

If the original service life of the beverage filling machine is ten years, the service life of the filling machine will be reduced to eight years or less due to the inability to maintain the equipment regularly. This has caused us huge economic losses and brought a lot of inconvenience to our work.


Let's take a look at the SinoPAK filling machine and everyone to understand how to extend the service life of the filling machine.


How to extend the service life of the filling machine? I believe this is a question that every filling machine customer is eager to understand.

 beverage filling machine

First of all, before operating the filling machine, we must clearly understand the filling machine's manual, read the manual first, and be familiar with the adjustment and use of the filling machine. When operating, we must strictly follow the filling machine's instructions. Operate according to the instructions, pay attention to the details, and the details must determine success or failure.


Secondly, perform regular repairs and maintenance on the machine in accordance with the instructions, and wipe the oil on the fuselage of the filling machine, so that the fuselage of the filling machine is protected by an oil layer as much as possible. This can isolate the air and avoid the rust of the filling machine. The body of the filling machine is well protected, which is also a way to extend the service life of the filling machine.


Thirdly, we should also pay attention to the cleaning of the sealing varnished cloth of the hot press frame, do not leave foreign objects on it, and ensure that the filling machine is as clean as possible to avoid corrosion caused by the material left in the inlet for a long time.


Fourth, we must check the machine frequently to see if the contact between the various parts of the machine is good, and we must ensure safe use of electricity to prevent damage caused by incorrect use of electricity.


Fifth, when a fault is found, we must turn off the power in time, press the emergency stop button when necessary, lift the cover after deflation, then turn off the voltage, check the cause, and eliminate the fault.


Sixth, during the use of the linear filling machine, some minor problems are inevitable. When there is a problem with the filling machine, we should not just think about it by ourselves. We must look for after-sales service and find the filling machine. A professional service team comes to repair our filling machine.


If you have any questions regarding the above maintenance measures, you can contact us and SinoPAK Machinery will provide you with the best service.

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