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Production Line For Carbonated Beverage Filling Machine

A professional gassy beverage filling machine is a carbonated filler. It is multifunctional and capable of washing, filling, and capping.

It is a type of highly sophisticated filling machine that was developed in response to the process needs of filling gassy beverages by importing and integrating foreign advanced technology.

It is usually used to clean, fill, and cap plastic caps for mineral water, cola, wine, champagne, and soda.

It is the ideal choice for medium-sized or large beverage production because of its reasonable layout, operational security, durability, and ease of maintenance.

Therefore, to improve your beverage output to meet consumers’ demands, consider purchasing a carbonated beverage filling machine.

Sections of carbonated beverage filling machine specifications

1. Washing section

The washing portion is made up of the following components:

The supporting part, the gutter components and separating water seal, the reverse guiding rail, the lifting part, the bottle clamp, and the transmission part.

2. Filling section

Supporting parts, main liquid pipe component, protuberant wheel, controlling ring parts, and cylinder part comprise the filling portion.

Four directions distributor and down distributor, filling machine pipe, filling valve, elevator-cylinder, and so on, are also included in the filling section.

It is mostly used to fill ingredients into bottles. When an elevator cylinder lifts a bottle to a valve, the inspection device detects it.

Upon receiving the bottle signal, the air valve opens, and CO2 pipes begin to link until the air pressure in the cylinder and the bottle are the same.

Filling then begins, and the materials in the bottle exhaust the CO2, which is returned to the cylinder via pipes.

Once the lifting level of liquid covers the pipe and the bottle pressure exceeds the pressure in the cylinder, the filling process is terminated.

After filling, the filling machine will be turned off via the off valve. The CO2 stored in the bottleneck will subsequently be gently emptied by the protuberant wheel.

3. Capping section

The cap arranging mechanism, cap separating mechanism, and capping machine comprise the capping component.

The bottle gets passed on into the capping machine by star-wheel and then clamped alongside the bottle clamping block.

The cap is organized by the cap arranging mechanism and subsequently transported to the cap separating mechanism via the lower cap tank.

Then the cap separating mechanism will separate the caps, and the capping head can ascend and take off the cap while pressing it onto the bottle mouth with cam.

Capping head tightens the cap on the bottle mouth along the shaft under the drive of gear.

The capping machine is linked to a cap separating mechanism, a lower cap tank, and a cap arranging mechanism that works in tandem to provide the bottle, deliver the cap, and hold the cap.

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