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Safety precautions in the operation of carbonated soft drink filling machine

With the development of science, technology and economy, our production process is also developing in a simpler, smarter and safer direction, and carbonated beverage filling machines with many years of history have also begun to become more convenient and safer, although they are currently in use When beverage filling machines, we must pay attention to safety, such as the operation of the machine itself, the safety of the staff, etc.

Carbonated soft drink filling machine is a beverage filling machine, which can fill carbonated beverages, soda water, salt soda and other carbonated beverages, and can also be used for filling juice beverages, purified water and other non-carbonated beverages.


Carbonated soft drink filling machine can be divided into atmospheric filling machine, pressure filling machine and vacuum filling machine according to the filling principle. Atmospheric filling machine is a liquid filling under its own gravity. There are two filling methods: timing and constant volume. It is generally suitable for low-viscosity and gas-free liquids, such as milk, wine, purified water, juice drinks, etc.

 carbonated soft drink filling machine

Carbonated soft drink filling machine is filling under the pressure of the bottle lower than atmospheric pressure, suitable for liquids of various viscosities, such as oil, syrup, fruit wine, etc. can be suitable for this filling.


Using a carbonated soft drink filling machine for beverage filling can greatly improve the filling efficiency, but you need to pay attention to safety when operating the machine.


Before use, you need to test run, by observing whether the three-phase motor is running in the correct direction, whether the pressure of the filling machine is normal, whether the motor and bearings are running normally, whether you need to add lubricating oil, and also need to pay attention to the firmness of the beverage filling machine Whether the pieces are loose.


It is necessary to pay attention to whether the safety equipment functions normally during use. Before restarting after each shutdown, check whether there are any abnormalities in the water tank, chain plate, conveyor belt, storage cover box, etc. At the same time, pay attention to whether the water source, power source, and air source are connected.

 carbonated soft drink filling machine

After checking the equipment, close the main unit. The power supply, the power indicator light is on, and the fault indicator light and emergency stop indicator light are off before you can press the start button on the operation control box and the start switch at the filling point to start the overall operation of the machine. To stop the operation of the machine, you need to press the stop button at the filling place and the control box, and turn off the main power supply after stopping.


In the carbonated soft drink filling machine, the operation control box is used as the equipment to control the beverage filling machine. In the past, the design or use of the large-size box is generally designed. This is mainly for safety considerations, which can ensure that the staff are working During operation and control, no safety accidents will be caused due to performance problems of the operation control box.


If you don’t know anything about the operating procedures of the carbonated soft drink filling machine, you can contact us.

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