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SINO PAK provides you with a system-integrated automatic filling machine

Food industry: 

Food and beverage filling is the largest market segment of packaging machinery and equipment industry. The production of beverage filling machine and equipment is mainly the whole growth line, with a high degree of automation. At present, the per capita consumption of Chinese beverage, especially mineral water, is far behind the level of international advanced countries. With the development of science and technology, and the development of society, China has entered a well-off society. People's living standards have been improved, and the market space is large.


Pharmaceutical industry

Filling in pharmaceutical industry. The general characteristics of this kind of automatic filling machinery are small volume, high price and output value accounting for about 12-15% of drugs. Therefore, this kind of packaging equipment has higher requirements for automation level, and the purchase ability of automation equipment of corresponding enterprises is also strong. At present, the national drug reform can only impose more and more strict requirements on packaging, especially for western medicine. In order to avoid secondary pollution, bulk drugs should be used as much as possible. Traditional paper bags have been basically eliminated. This market will also maintain steady growth above GDP.

Daily chemical industry: 

automatic filling machinery and equipment are widely used in daily chemical industry. Daily chemical filling is similar to pharmaceutical packaging, with small volume and high price. Many mechanical equipment and medical packaging mechanical equipment can be shared, which can not only fill daily chemical products, such as facial cleanser, shampoo, etc., but also be used in the pharmaceutical industry, such as erythromycin ointment and other pharmaceutical products.

 Automatic Filling Machinery

Coating industry

Be able to directly and automatically fill and pack materials in containers. There are two kinds of filling methods: General submerged filling and Lifting submerged filling. With weighing instrument, it can accurately measure the change of material density and the change of bin pressure. Application: coating, paint, petrochemical, asphalt, glue and other viscous liquid.

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