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The Working Principle of The Juice Hot Filling Machine

Newbie to hot juice filling machine? If so, then you need to stop here to learn more about its working principle, advantages and why it is widely used as an automatic filling line.


The juice tea hot filing machine eliminates the need for preservatives and chemicals, while striving to maintain the shelf life and nutritional advantages of the beverage. Because consumers are fully aware of the potential hazards of preservatives. Therefore, hot filling machines have become the first choice for preserving beverages. Compared with preservatives, the process is simple and not complicated.


Well, in order to keep you satisfied and preserve juice and any beverage, it is the best choice to purchase juice filling equipment from the best juice production equipment supplier to get the best corrosion resistance and longer shelf life.


Use classification juice hot filling machine

Juice filling and sealing machine function: suitable for vegetable juice, flavored water, fruit juice, etc.


Juice hot filling machine process The hot filling machine process requires many stages, and each stage is important for maintaining a short filling time and extending the shelf life without using preservatives.

 juice tea hot filling machine

First, the beverage is decontaminated and heated in a heat exchanger to the hot filling temperature (usually between 90-95OC) for at least 15-30 seconds. This program specifically kills microorganisms in juice. Similarly, the juice is cooled to approximately 82–85OC. Nitrogen can be introduced into the space between the juice and the brim to remove oxygen to avoid oxidation. This process will help to sterilize the inside of the container. In addition, after filling the container with juice, it must be placed in a water bath for stable cooling. This process will help maintain the taste and nutritional advantages of the product. The cooling procedure will leave space in the container to prevent the growth of microorganisms.


However, some bottles or plastic bottles are suitable for hot juice filling machines, because not all bottles are hot-filled.


PET has become the type of plastic container available in most hot-fill beverage applications. Their construction can maintain hot filling temperature. It can be recycled and reused and can be a good substitute for glass.

 juice tea hot filling machine

In conclusion

Juice tea hot filling machine is ideal for most vegetables and juices, water, teas and beverages. However, buying a juice filling machine from an experienced juice filling machine manufacturer – a reliable machine is the best way to meet the shelf life of your juice production and meet your expectations.

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