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What Distinguishes Vacuum Packaging from Shrinking Packaging Machine?

Due to their visual resemblance, vacuum pouches and shrink bags are frequently mistaken for one another. However, vacuum packing and shrinking packaging machine are two distinct forms of packaging that are handled by different food packaging machinery.

Perhaps you have been asking what is the difference between these two set of equipment, this blog post provides the best answers to your curiosity.

Automatic PE Film Wrapping Machine Sealing Shrink Wrapper For Juice Bottle

What Are The Similarities Between Vacuum Pouches and Shrink Bags

The two packing types appear similar when they are finished, leading people to believe they are the same. The following are some similarities between vacuum pouches and shrink bags that could be the reason for the misunderstanding:

1. Transparency

Both vacuum pouches and shrink bags employ transparent, flexible plastic polymer film or bags that permit the customer to inspect the product within the package.

2. Heating Sealing

Heat sealing is used to envelop the product in both types of packaging. This indicates that after the goods are placed, the open ends of the packages are sealed.

3. Conformed Surface

The outside film adapts to the shape of the product in both types of packaging.

Difference Between Vacuum Packaging from Shrink Packaging?

As it is good and necessary to know the similarities between Vacuum Pouches and Shrink bags, it is equally important to know the difference between shrink packaging and vacuum sealing.

If you intend to employ one or the other type of packaging machine, it is especially crucial that you comprehend these differences. The most notable variations include the following:

1. Layer Thickness

Although flexible film is utilized in both shrink packaging and vacuum packaging, the packaging rolls or bags employed in the vacuum sealing procedure are substantially thicker than those employed in shrink wrapping.

The majority of shrink wrapping materials are typically three to four times thinner than vacuum packing film.

2. Food packaging equipment

Heat sealing is used in both packing styles. The equipment utilized for this operation is different, though. Only the sealed part needs heat for vacuum sealing.

To produce the seal on shrink packaging, the entire container must be heated. Vacuum packing and shrink packaging equipment cannot be used interchangeably.

3. Lack of oxygen

An air nozzle or air compressor is used to completely expel all of the oxygen from the item during vacuum packaging. The product within is preserved and has a longer shelf life thanks to the lack of air.

Because of this, food is preserved by vacuum sealers for up to five times longer than it would otherwise be. However, the technique of shrink wrapping does not need manually removing oxygen.

Instead, tiny vent holes are pierced into the shrink wrap to let the trapped air escape. The package is not totally weatherproof because of these ventilation holes that let outside air in contact with the stuff inside.

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