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12000bph Water Production Line Is Shipping To Malaysia

Recently customer orders are shipped continuously. And today another 12000bph water production line is shipping to Malaysia. Our workers are busy with packing and delivering goods to ensure that customers can receive the goods safely and on time.

 water filling line

water filling line

water filling line

water filling line

water filling line

water filling line

Why Choose Us

Located in Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu SinoPAK Machinery Co., Ltd is focusing on manufacturing the beverage bottling machinery and turn-key plant.

With modern standard plant, advanced technology, excellent processing equipment and well-disciplined employees, we can manufacture all kind of high-quality beverage filling machines machinery and auxiliary equipment.

We also possess authoritative certificates such as CE certificate, ISO 9001-2000 certificate etc. SinoPAK always provides good after service to customers.


Supply Organization

After signing the contract and technical agreement, our company will set up a special project management organization to develop design, production, quality inspection and construction plans, and coordinate the work of the research institute, Marketing Department, finance department, quality inspection department, factory and other departments to ensure the delivery time.


Design Liaison

After the contract comes into effect, provide a full set of detailed technical information to the user and other relevant departments in a timely manner, and actively cooperate with the preparatory work before the project construction. If special technical support is needed, our company will send relevant technical personnel to the site to provide technical exchange.


Confirm and confirm the project plan in detail, discuss the concrete implementation details of the project, and prepare for the project.



All the goods supplied by us will be subject to the corresponding standard of protection against long distance inland transportation and will be well protected against moisture, shock, rust and rough handling.


Technical Training

The company is responsible for providing equipment and relevant materials as stipulated in the contract.


Our party shall provide free training to the technical personnel of the user, and the trainees shall have certain basic mechanical knowledge.The training site is arranged on the operation site of the system equipment, and can be installed according to the specific requirements of the user (contract terms)


After training, the technical personnel of the user shall be able to eliminate general faults, and the faults that cannot be eliminated by the user shall be covered.Inform my company then the company sends technical personnel to solve.


Technical Consulting Services

After-sales Service Work Report. Submit the after-sales service work report regularly to the project leader of the customer, classify each fault of the system and the problems raised by the customer, and timely solve the common problems.

Hotline help service will provide hotline help service for customers.Customers can obtain help services, including troubleshooting, fault location, troubleshooting and other services, through the authorized designated system administrator in the enterprise.The hotline staff will record, classify and archive every call made by customers, and regularly submit work reports to their counterparts.

Internet remote maintenance for customers to provide Internet remote maintenance services, achieve rapid system diagnosis and troubleshooting, fully ensure the normal and stable operation of the system.


If you want to know more about our company or have any need for our products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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