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An Introduction of Bottled Water Filling Machines

We believe that everyone is very familiar with bottled water and many people will choose it as drinking water. But do you know how bottled water is made and how many types it has? Today I will tell you something about the bottled water filling machine and the bottled water.

 Bottled Water Filling Machines

The Working Principle of Bottled Water Filling Machine

1. Wash bottle: Wash the bottle after five stations, the first station using chlorine dioxide solution disinfection, washing time is adjustable, the first station time is 12S, the second station is 12S, the third station is 12S, the fourth station for pure water cleaning, the time can be adjusted according to different needs, the fifth station is to rinse the barrel of the residual moisture to clean.

2. Filling: Dry the bucket through the chain conveyor conveyor, fall on the barrel mechanism, the barrel mechanism will empty bucket righting, filling the valve pressure is normal, start filling, filling time can be based on filling the pump Flow to adjust.

3. Capping: When the filling is completed, the barrel drive mechanism will be filled with water bucket sent to cover the lid of the barrel to the gland mechanism, the cap cylinder to tighten the cap, thus the cycle is complete.

The above is how the bottled water filling machine works.

 The Working Principle of Bottled Water Filling Machine

Features of Bottled Water Filling Machine

The bottled water filling machine has the capacity to fill diverse non-carbonated drinks. These drinks contain pure water, mineral water, wine, and so forth. The features of this equipment are explained below.

1. The modern machine can perform three functions. These functions include washing, filling, and capping.

2. The machine has the capacity to handle bottles and containers efficiently. It has advanced conveying technological innovation. Due to this reason, the bottles and containers do not fall off.

3. PLC program is installed into the machines. With the help of this program, the companies can control the machine.

4. Modern electronic components are featured in the equipment to maximize its performance level.

5. The spare parts of this modern machine are readily accessible. There are some water bottling machine suppliers who are offering spare parts along with the water filing machine.

6. The production speed is fast, as contrasted to the manual and semi-automatic machines.


Six Primary Types of Bottled Water

Artesian water: Artesian water comes from an artesian well, which draws water from a confined aquifer (an underground, porous rock or sand formation that bears water and is under pressure from a layer of rock or clay above it).

Mineral water: Mineral water is spring water that has at least 250 parts per million (ppm) of total dissolved solids (TDS) in it. These "dissolved solids" are minerals like calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium, and they must be present in the water at the source, not added later.

Naturally sparkling water: Naturally sparkling water comes from a spring or artesian well and has natural carbonation in it. The carbonation may be removed during processing and then replaced, but the carbonation levels after replacement must be the same as the level of carbonation at the source.

Purified water: Purified water comes from either a protected underground source or from a municipal drinking-water supply (public tap water).

Spring water: Spring water comes from a protected, underground water source from which the water flows to the surface on its own. It may be collected either at the surface spring or through a sanitary, protected hole drilled directly into the source feeding the spring.

Well water: Well water is drawn from a protected well that taps directly into an unconfined aquifer.

 Six Primary Types of Bottled Water

Do You Need Bottled Water Filling Machines?

If you are planning of setting up a beverage company or upgrading your bottled water filling machine for a higher turnout, kindly contact us today for your best deal.

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