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SinoPAK Customer Case|High-Speed Self-Adhesive Labeling Machine and Laser Inkjet Printer

In June 2020, RED FLAG LIMITED contacted our company. The trading company was established in 2010 and is an international trading company. The owner is Mexican and often helps various customers in Mexico to find the goods and machines they need. In China, we met at the China International Import Expo (CIIE), and we hope to help a Mexican manufacturer of chili sauce, Chilera Tapatia, to find better self-adhesive labelers and laser printers with higher yields and higher quality, 18,000 bottles per hour, three bottle types, two caps, and four labels.

During the epidemic period, because the final customer in Mexico did not know English, the customer could not come to the factory for inspection. The communication between us needed to be contacted by the trading company. Before production, we confirmed many problems and finally made customers trust us and decided to purchase even if they cannot come to the factory. The customer's requirements are very high and detailed. Due to the impact and isolation of the epidemic, we conducted a long-term factory inspection and problem communication and finally won the customer's trust.


Problems encountered and solutions

1. Because the customer has been operating the factory for many years and the equipment has been updated, there are many practical considerations for actual production, such as the different voltages and socket plugs in Mexico and China, how to link to the customer's production line, and the inability to find the conveyor chain in China.

In the face of customers' concerns and actual use problems, we put ourselves in the customer's shoes, actively participate in discussions with customers, and discuss the actual use problems that customers care about, and we carefully discuss and help customers solve problems.

2. The customer is worried about not being able to come to the site to help with the installation and the replacement of spare parts.

On the factory site, we shoot videos of the installation and parts replacement steps that customers are worried about and guide customers step by step until they understand the process in detail.

3. Because of the replacement of equipment, the original customer's machine could not keep up with the production line speed because the output was too small, so the customer was very worried about the production speed.

We fully expressed our understanding, tried to meet the customer's test requirements, matched the customer with different voltages and frequencies in China, and built a conveyor line for the customer in the factory to simulate the actual use situation and run multiple bottle tests for customers to dispel concerns.

labeling machine

4. Because of the strict requirements of customers, whether it is two factory inspections or the chemical testing of stainless steel, and the confirmation of the brand name of the motor, we have successfully passed and actively cooperated.

5. For the test of the inkjet printer, it is comprehensive and strict, multi-line printing, single-line printing, running bottle continuous coding test, and automatic test of labeling machine online running, we provide test conditions in the factory, and they pass perfectly.

In the end, we won the trust of our customers and successfully completed this cooperation.


Satisfactory after-sales service

1. Provide customers with detailed machine diagrams, manuals and electrical control diagrams

2. In order to prevent foreign machine tools from being inappropriately used, provide customers with toolboxes

3. All accessories are marked with labels, which is convenient for customers to change the changed parts when changing the production bottle type.

4. Help customers adjust the machine height and video guide installation during customer installation.

5. The customer raised the problem of the inexplicable shutdown of the laser printer during use. After research, it was found that it was affected by static electricity during use. Connect a ground wire to the shell to solve the problem perfectly.

The customer is very satisfied with us and has not had any usage problems so far.

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