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Flat Conveyor

– Energy saving. High efficient. Adapt to customer factory layout — Special lubrication system, keep products clean, health, safety — Extended service life — Electric eyes design keep whole line running safety and quickly — Overload protection mechanism to effectively ensure the safety of the machine


Detailed Images

Machine Parameters

Main features : 

  1. The transport surface is flat and smooth, low frictiomn. The transition between lines is stable.
  2.  The material is generally A.L, C.S. or S.S, can be washed or immersed in water to clean, widly used in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, daily commodity etc industry.
  3. Good and flexible designs can guarantee the movement of the product complying with key machine conditions.
  4.  Combine/diverter equipment are applied at high speed , without damaging or dropping the product movement.
  5.  Convey flexibley, easy to turn and climb. Different types of chain boards can be selected according to the conveying products to complete horizontal, turning and inclined conveying;
  6.  Simple design, easy to assemble and install. Making the two chain plate conveyor lines into a mixed chain with overlapping head and tail can make the containers in a dynamic transition state, and no bottles are left on the conveyor line, which can satisfy the pressure-free conveying of empty bottles and filllled bottles    Conveyor
    The Main Technical Parameters
    ①          Power AC 220V/sph、 AC 330V/sph
    ②          Output (KW) 0.12、0.18、0.25、0.37、0.55、Gear Motor
    Frame Material AL、CS、SUS
    Chain Material POM、SUS

    Chain type Tabletop chain, Anti-slip chain, SUS chain, etc
    Chain width W2 (mm) 63.5、82.6、114.3、152.4、190.5、254、304.8


    Conveyor Width W (mm) 90-500 (Other to be customized)
    Conveyor Length L (mm) ≤30000
    Conveyor Height H (mm) 700  (Other to be customized)




    Speed (m/min) ≤45
    Load (kg) ≤50 (Horizontal)、≤25 (Vertical)
    Working tension (N) ≤1250
    Working temperature (℃) -20~+60
    Radius (mm) ≥610
    Accessories Side plate, Roller plate, Nylon plate
    Note: The above data are for reference only. For details, please contact the project engineer.

    Conveyor Configuration

    No. Name Material Brand
    1 Side panels SUS304
    2 Outrigger SUS304
    3 transmission shaft SUS304
    4 Plastic chain plate  Polyacetal Shanghai Li Lai
    5 guardrail High molecular polyethylene + aluminum alloy Shanghai Li Lai
    6 Anchor plate Reinforced nylon + stainless steel screw Shanghai Li Lai
    7 pad rail High molecular polyethylene + aluminum alloy Shanghai Li Lai
    8 Turning guide Polyethylene Shanghai Li Lai
    9 sprocket Nylon PA6 machining Shanghai Li Lai
    10 Geared motor helical gear Omate
    11 Frequency converter FC051 series Danfoss
    12 Low voltage electrical components Schneider
    13 PLC controller Siemens
    14 Touch screen HMI

Production Lines Flow Chart

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Why Choose US

  1. We are the direct manufacturer, we have been engaged in development and manufacturing of beverages and liquid food filling machines for more than 10 years, our plant area of 4000m2, with independent property rights.
  2. We have a professional team for exporting, we can supply stable quality faster delivery and clearly communications.
  3. We can make custom manufacturing, our technical team can design different size and products to meet your special requirements.
  4. Without getting customer’s approve, we will not ship the equipment hastily, every equipment will be tested continuously 24 hours before loading, we will control every step strictly in the process of manufacture.
  5. All of our equipment will have 12 months guarantee, and we will supply techinical servie all equipment life.
  6. We will supply the spare parts fast and with cost price.

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