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Automatic Double Head Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine

The machine is roughly the same as a single head sleeve labeller and is used in two main situations.
1: Sleeve the bottle and cap at the same time
2: There are high-speed requirements, photoelectric induction, parity alternating sets.

The machine is equipped with a  TS-2000 Steam Heating Shrinking Oven

Sleeve Labeling Machine is custom built to meet the exacting demands of manufacturers and suppliers. It can be used stand alone or integrated in-line and matching filling equipment speeds.

This labeling machine is single head sleeve labelling machine,labels that can be wrapped around the whole bottle and labels that can be wrapped around a part of the bottle.

Applicable bottle types: glass bottles, cans, PET bottles, square-necked bottles, round-necked bottles, and so on.


Detailed Images

Machine Parameters

Teachnical characteristics:

1.It is built upon a framework of seam welded, food grade stainless steel section. This solid foundation keeps movement and vibration to an absolute minimum to ensure consistent, accurate labeling.

2.Unit cutter head plane design in China which apply to the container of ∮30 mm—∮130 mm. you never need to change or debug it.It also has unique light touch human-machine screen,that means,auto search original location as well as safety and convenience which is ahead of other congener products.

3.Double shrinking label feed plane, reasonable height which is convenience to fix the label; micro-computer auto figure which avoid enactment and adjustment. you only need to press it lightly ,the label will detect and locate automatically.The change of label is quick and convenience, besides,the cut place is absolutely exact.

4.The newly designed cutter stepper motor which speed is high ,action is exact,the cut is in order and the shrinking is beautiful.This design cooperate with the label synchronized location structure enable the precision of cut location within 1mm.


Main technical parameters of the equipment
Model(Double) SL-100 SL-150 SL-200 SL-250 SL-300
Lable place Body and cap Body and cap Body and cap Body and cap  Body and cap
Production speed  6000 BPH  9000BPH 12000 BPH 15000 BPH 18000 BPH
Diameter of bottle body ∮28mm-∮125mm ∮28mm-∮125mm ∮28mm-∮125mm ∮28mm-∮125mm ∮28mm-∮125mm
Length of label 30mm-250mm 30mm-250mm 30mm-250mm 30mm-250mm 30mm-250mm
Steam shrinking tunnel          (quantity of steam) 20Kg/H 30Kg/H 30Kg/H 50Kg/H 50Kg/H
Model(Double) SL-100 SL-150 SL-200 SL-250 SL-300
High speed
Odd and even


Odd and even
Odd and even


Odd and even


Odd and even


Production speed 12000BPH 18000BPH 24000BPH 30000BPH 36000BPH

Production Lines Flow Chart

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Why Choose US

  1. We are the direct manufacturer, we have been engaged in development and manufacturing of beverages and liquid food filling machines for more than 10 years, our plant area of 4000m2, with independent property rights.
  2. We have a professional team for exporting, we can supply stable quality faster delivery and clearly communications.
  3. We can make custom manufacturing, our technical team can design different size and products to meet your special requirements.
  4. Without getting customer’s approve, we will not ship the equipment hastily, every equipment will be tested continuously 24 hours before loading, we will control every step strictly in the process of manufacture.
  5. All of our equipment will have 12 months guarantee, and we will supply techinical servie all equipment life.
  6. We will supply the spare parts fast and with cost price.

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