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The filling process employs a bottle bottom holding mechanism to transport bottles into the filling machine through the bottle inlet screw, facilitated by a threaded bottle star wheel. Subsequently, the bottles are secured by a lifting device, allowing for controlled vertical movement, guided by a lifting cam and down pressure cam.

The filling method employed is precision filling. Once the bottle neck reaches the valve and establishes contact, the valve opens, and the filling process commences. Upon completion of filling, the bottle neck descends, disengaging from the valve. Simultaneously, the bottle is guided out of the filling machine using the bottle-holding mechanism and transferred to a conveyor chain via the threaded bottle star wheel.

This machine works with an air-conveyor belt and securely holds bottles by the neck to prevent falls. It fills still water into PET bottles and features a screw caps capping function. It integrates three functions: rinsing, filling, and capping.

  • Suitable bottle and cap: PET circular or square with screw cap
  • Bottle Volume: 150ml to 2.5Ltr (Customized); Bottle diameter(mm): Dia50-Dia115; Bottle height: 160-320mm
  • Compress air pressure(Mpa): 0.3-0.4
  • Total powder: 1.5KW-7.5KW

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