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PM-1800 Steam Heating Shrink Tunnel can be applied to different and irregular bottle types, e.g. round,square and flat bottles. It adopts seamless tube, the distribution of low-pressure steam drum and the spout of steam use the separation style which make the tunnel smooth.

  • Input Voltage Supply of Blower: ∮1, 220 VAC
  • Input Voltage Supply of Steam Generator: 380V/ 50 Hz
  • Working Pressure: <= 0.1 Mpa
  • Dimension of Shrink Tunnel: L1800mm× W400mm × H450mm
  • Weight: 150Kg

The machine is roughly the same as a single head sleeve labeller and is used in two main situations.
1: Sleeve the bottle and cap at the same time
2: There are high-speed requirements, photoelectric induction, parity alternating sets.

The machine is equipped with a  TS-2000 Steam Heating Shrinking Oven

Sleeve Labeling Machine is custom built to meet the exacting demands of manufacturers and suppliers. It can be used stand alone or integrated in-line and matching filling equipment speeds.

This labeling machine is single head sleeve labelling machine,labels that can be wrapped around the whole bottle and labels that can be wrapped around a part of the bottle.

Applicable bottle types: glass bottles, cans, PET bottles, square-necked bottles, round-necked bottles, and so on.

PET Bottled and Tin Canned filling production line products.

Such as the filling and bottling production line of Mineral Water, Purified Water, Drinking Water, Beverage, Beer, Juice, Dairy, Condiment,etc.


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