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Palletizer Machine

Production Reliability – anytime and anywhere

According to a certain order, palletizer stacks the packed products(in box, bag, bucket) to the corresponding empty pallets through a series of mechanical actions so as to facilitate handling and transporting batches of products to improve production efficiency. Meanwhile it can use stack layer pad to improve the stability of each stack layer. Various forms designed to meet different palletizing requirements.

Full-automatic palletising machine is a high-tech product with the integration of machine and electricity. According to the required grouping method and number of layers, the packaged products (boxes, bags, barrels) will be stacked on the corresponding empty pallets in a certain order by continuous mechanical action, which is convenient for the handling and transportation of the finished products, and thus improves the production efficiency, and it is commonly used for various products such as bags, rubber blocks, boxes, etc., which makes the pallet shape close and neat.

Palletising robots can be integrated in any production line to provide intelligent, robotic and networked production site, which can realise the palletising logistics for a wide variety of operations in the beer, beverage and food industries, and are widely used in cartons, plastic boxes, bottles, bags, barrels, film packages of products and filling products. It can be used in three-in-one filling lines to palletise all kinds of bottles, cans, boxes and bags. The automatic operation of the palletiser is divided into the steps of automatic box feeding, box turning, row splitting, stacking, pile shifting, pile lifting, tray feeding, pile lowering and stacking out.

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