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Carton Box Packaging Machinie

Production Reliability – anytime and anywhere

It can open vertical cardboard and correct the right-angle automatically. Automatic carton erector machine is a case packer that deals with unpacking ,carton flexing and packing. This machine adopts PLC and touch screen to control. As a result, it is more convenient to operate and manage. Additionally, it can reduce

It can automatically carry out carton, open carton, bottom folding leaf folding, carton bottom tape sealed, and output.

After automatic palletizing of carton, push empty box to box.

Can automatically fold the upper part of the carton, tape paste seal box.


Automatic carton wrapping machine is Widely adapted to the packaging industry, efficient and environmentally friendly new generation of carton packaging machinery. The application of automatic wrapping machine, reduce labour intensity, reduce labour resources, reduce the production process, its comprehensive performance indicators and economic benefits are superior and obvious, has been accepted by the community and generally accepted, will be the upgrade of the traditional packaging methods and the inevitable development trend.

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