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Automatic Labeling Machine

Production Reliability – anytime and anywhere

Automatic Labeling Machine

Linear OPP hot melt glue adhesive labeling machine is the newest continuous operation of the labeling machine.

The mainly used for container labeling cylindrical shape of detergents, beverages, mineral water, food etc. The material of label is using environmentally material of OPP films. It can be automatically oxidative decomposition and reduce production costs by more than 30 percent.

Labeling machine is control by PLC touch screen, all electric eye is using imported advanced configuration. This labeling machine with high speed, high accuracy, stable performance, easy to operate and look elegant appearance.

Sleeve Labeling Machine is custom built to meet the exacting demands of manufacturers and suppliers. It can be used stand alone or integrated in-line and matching filling equipment speeds.

This labeling machine is single head sleeve labelling machine,labels that can be wrapped around the whole bottle and labels that can be wrapped around a part of the bottle.

Applicable bottle types: glass bottles, cans, PET bottles, square-necked bottles, round-necked bottles, and so on.

  • Labeling and labeling speed: 3000BPH;6000BPH;9000BPH;12000BPH;15000BPH
  • Diameter of the object to be pasted: 30-100mm (if exceeding this range, it can be customized separately)
  • Maximum diameter of label: 350 mm
  • Paper core diameter: 76.2 mm
  • Label precision: ±1mm
  • Bottle diameter: 50-200mm
  • Maximum width of label: 130mm

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