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Bottle Unscrambler

Production Reliability – anytime and anywhere

Bottle Unscrambler
Automatic Bottle Unscramble Machine

The machine is suitable for unscrambling polyester bottles and make them in one line, then discharge them by vacuum conveyor, its features are as followed: PLC program controlling, digit show speed, automatic. High speed operation, easy to combine with all kinds of filler or filling production line.

Unscramble the plastic bottles, then transfer them to conveyor in order and certain direction and feed them into other equipments to finish next procedure(such as rinsing hand filling etc), decrease labor intensity and improve productivity effect, also twice polluting caused by hand touching PET bottle.

Machine parameters

Work position12161821
Production capacity(b/h)6000-80008000-1000012000-1500018000-20000
Gas source pressure(Mpa)
Gas consuming volume(m3/min)
Suitable bottles type(mm)350-1200ml
Main motor power(kw)
Fan power(kw)


  • The main motor speed reducer applies torque limit mechanism to avoid harming the machine when trouble happens.

  • Twice push rowing bottle mechanism is used to ensure every bottle location has bottle which apparently prompts bottle output efficiency.

  • Bottle handling air conveyor prevents bottles from dropping down when in transportation.

  • Damaged bottles shall be rejected according to the reject mechanism.

  • This machine is equipped with blocking bottle detector. It will stop and alarm when bottle blocks.

  • No-bottle detector will send signal to elevator immediately when the bottle quantity is few and elevator shall supply bottles automatically.

  • Photoelectric switch is installed on the air conveyor to control the unscramble machine.

  • Bottle unscramble machine has oil mouths which make the gear, bearing and cam lubrication conveniently.

  • Main electrical appliance (Inverter, PLC, Photoelectric switch, Relay) is from MITSUBISHI, OMRON, SIMENS and so on

  • Air system uses TAIWAN AIRTAC.


  • It is used for different shapes and materials bottle and container (round, square, flst etc.)

  • It is widely used in pharmaceutical fields, health care products fields, foods etc.

  • It can be controlled only one switch and one frequency knob, very convenient.

  • When you want to change the exit width, you only need adjust the copper nut.

Machine size: Φ 2000 x 2000 mm

Production rate: 12,000 bottles/hour

Air source pressure: 0.7 MPa

Amount of gas used: 0.4 M3 / min

Adaptive bottle:Bottle diameter :55mm-75mm

productivity: 8000~15000 bottle/hour

Air source: Pressure 0.7MPa,air consumption,1500 L/min

Power: 380V,50Hz

Main motor’s power:1.5KW

Bottle size: Diameter 50-90,height 65-290

Lifting device’s power: 0.75KW

Dimension: φ2240(D)×2200(H)

Model: LPN-400

Capacity: 20,000b/h

Suitable to bottles: ¢28*120

Total Power: 4.7kw

Machine Weight:2400kg

Machine Dimension: D3000*2200mm

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